How To Draw Deep Sea Toons

Great For Beginners

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If you love drawing fish and cartoons, this class will teach you to do both! Learn to draw sea creatures from the Hammerhead Shark, to Turtles, to Seahorses, all the way to Killer whales!

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Earl Jr.
Earl Jr.

A storybook illustrator and digital artist from Michigan now residing in St. Louis. Art is my passion and I enjoy working with young children and adults who want to get better at their drawings. A lot of time has been put into these lessons to make sure you truly understand what you're doing every step of the way.

Continue to follow and support me as I create and upload more lessons. We will be drawing everything from cute and cuddly animals to cartoons you used to love and watch on t.v! My courses are structured more towards beginners and I'll be using an iPad Pro for most of the lessons.

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